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Wolf Hudson's Magic Watch

Wolf Hudson is at home, plotting his next evil deeds with his special magic watch that allows him to have complete mind control over anyone he wants. Right then he hears a knock at his door. It’s a cop, Alex Hawk, who is checking in on reports he’s been hearing about men getting coerced into homosexual activities at this location…

Wolf politely invites the officer in, knowing he can’t be stopped. He asks the Officer if he would like to be controlled into doing these homosexual activities. Officer Hawk stammers, and Wolf whips out his magic watch, immediately taking control.

He makes the Officer bark like a dog, then tells him, “When I snap my fingers, you will believe that the only way you can ever cum again is to have your balls squeezes hard by me…”

He puts the cop through a few things. Making him act like a chicken, suck his dick… He snaps the officer in and out of the control just when it’s the most humiliating.

“When I snap my fingers, you will be convinced that the only way to arrest me is to get spanked by me…”


“Sir, I’m going to have to take you in. You’re going to need to spank me hard now!”

Wolf makes the officer handcuff himself, then snaps him out of it with his pants around his ankles just to see his face.

Finally Wolf convicts the cop they in order to arrest him, he’ll have to suck his cock until he cums, then enjoys an enthusiastic blow job by the cop that wants to take him in until he fills his mouth with cum.

After Wolf fills the his mouth with cum, Alex Hawk actually thinks he’s won and is about to arrest the villain. Wolf pulls out his watch one last time and tells the cop that the real priority is to get out on the street and suck as many criminals’ cocks as he can. He snaps his fingers and the cop leaves with his cuffs still on and his pants around his ankles.

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Rating: 4.5/5.0

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