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Where's The Bag

Joey, played by Cameron Kincade, has his old co-worker tied up. Van has been acused of disappearing with a bag that was very important to the mob. Joey has been charged with getting to the bottom of it. He starts to scare Van with some teased kicks and stomps, coming close to his balls, then he gets serious with some knees and threatens to crush is dick with his cowboy boots.

When the threats aren’t getting any results, Joey takes off his jacket and puts on some leather gloves for some good squeezes. Then he pulls up a stool, pulls off his cowboy boots and isolates one testicle at a time for some good barefoot ball crushing. Joey laughs while he threatens to pop his nuts.

Van is quivering, and Joey is just getting started, and seems to be interested in something else as he squeezes Van’s balls…

Joey’s shoes are off. Van is still tied up. Joey’s about to switch gears. Joey pulls down Van’s underwear and starts playing with his cock with his bare feet. With he big smile he comments on Van’s cock getting hard. Van is still terrified about his fate, and is very confused. He doesn’t understand why his old partner would be playing with his dick, and he doesn’t understand why his cock is starting to get hard. He just keeps begging to get untied, and Joey just keeps having fun…

He jerks Van’s cock until it’s completely hard, then stands up and kicks him in the balls. He threatens to nut him, then laughs and keeps jerking. He leaves and comes back with some baby oil.

Joey loves to tease and torment. He wants to give Van blue balls, but jerking his cock to the edge, then kicking him in the balls. “You belong to me now…”

He takes off his shirt, then squeezes the fuck out of Van’s balls, laughing while Van moans and begs. Then he starts jerking and kneeing again.

Joey is a master of all things that have to do with torment and testicles. He really loves his job, and really really loves that he now gets to put his skills to work with his old partner.

Here’s the plan: Joey get’s Van rock hard by jerking his cock. Van still can’t understand why his old partner is getting him hard. Joey then gets all of Vans muscles to lock up tight by shocking his nerves with a lot of tickling. This causes Van’s balls to lock up and go to “maximum blue ball.”

Watch Joey laugh and smile ear to ear as his old partner struggles and begs against his bondage. There’s nothing Van can do about it. When Joey is confident that the job is done, he leaves Van tied up for another day of torment.

The day has come. Joey is out of time, and needs to collect Van’s balls for his boss. Joey doesn’t want a complete mess, so he’s going to milk Van’s balls dry with a handjob before he nuts him. It’s not clear whether this is standard procedure, or Joey is just having his fun, but either way, he certainly knows how to get a dude to come all over the floor…

Van is begging Joey to stop. He’s desperate not to cum, and desperate to keep his balls, and confused at how it feels so good at the same time. He can’t hold out forever….

As Van is reaching orgasm, Joey rams his thigh into Van’s balls and squeezes all of the cum out, smiling about the fact that he gets to cut his nuts off next.

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Rating: 5.0/5.0

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