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Wedgie Master Strikes

Tristan Sweet is just getting home from school when the masked Wedgie Master creeps in behind him. Tristan is caught by surprise when Wedgie Master grabs him.

“I though this would end at school!, Please stop the wedgies!!”

Wedgie Master has grabbed Tristan and bent him over the couch making him take full hard wedgies. There is a large wrestling match with Tristan and the Wedgie Master, but the masked intruder overcomes Tristan and has him bow to his will.

“Please let me go sir, please stop!” Tristan begs and screams for help but there is no one home to hear his cries.

Wedgie Master offers Tristan a deal. “If you get down to your underwear I’ll give you a break.”

Tristan Sweet has been kidnapped by a masked intruder The Wedgie master. He has completely bowed to the will of Wedgie Master and is on his knees in submission.

Wedgie Master is ready to prove to Tristan that he is in charge once and for all.

The masked intruder grabs Tristan off of the floor and throws him over the couch again. He starts giving Tristan even harder wedgies than before.

“Please stop giving me wedgies sir!”

Tristan begs and begs for mercy but The Wedgie Master has none for him. Every time Tristan begs the master rips harder on Tristan’s underwear.

“Let’s see if we can fit these over your head.”

“Please no! Please stop it, it hurts!” Tristan begs

“You better star liking it, because we’re going to be doing this all night!” [chuckle]

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Rating: 3.7/5.0

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