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Taking a Stand: Nerd VS Jock

Cameron and Jake are in the same science class, and they were assigned as partners to work on a project together. Jake is a tough jock, and he thinks he can bully nerdy Cameron into doing all the work while he goes and hangs out with his girlfriend…

Cameron has been pushed too far by jocks like Jake all of his life, and he isn’t going to take it anymore. As Jake laughs and tries to leave Cameron with all the work, Cameron nerd rage’s out on him with a flurry of knees and kicks to his balls, followed by some serious grab and squeeze abuse.

Cameron is going to have his revenge. He’s going to make the tough alpha male jock do something gay with him, and abuse his balls the whole way through…

Cameron knees the jock in the balls a couple more times, then runs to grab a video camera. He’s going to black mail Jake into jerking off with him, by threatening to send the video of him getting kicked in the balls like a bitch to everyone he knows.

Jake is angry and resistant, but has not choice but to jerk off and give the nerd a handjob into a dish. After they both cum into the measuring dish, Jake is completely defeated, and Cameron will always have something on him. He even decides to change the whole science project into something to do with their cum…

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Rating: 4.7/5.0

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