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Taking Advantage

Lance Hart knows how big of a foot fetish Cameron Kincade has. Lance wants to know how far he can push it and take advantage of Cameron’s obsession...

Lance tells Cameron to get on the ground below him and proceeds to tease him with his loafers, then socks making Cameron pull his socks off with his teeth then his bare feet. He loves watching Cameron squirm and beg, but instructs him to keep his hands behind his back, and submit to the teasing.

Lance slowly undresses out of his suit, down to his boxer briefs and sits on the floor between Cameron’s legs, continuing to tease him with his toes, making him suck on his foot like a cock, demeaning Cameron until he gets really frustrated...

After some major dominating tease and denial, Cameron snaps... He can’t take being teased and pretty much bullied by Lance. Cameron grabs Lance’s ankle and grapples him to the ground. Lance struggles, but after a moment of grappling, Cameron manages to put Lance in a reverse scissor hold, taking him out...

Lance wakes up in the same room, but totally naked with his hands cuffed behind his back. Cameron is still standing over him, fully dressed in his sport coat and jeans. He commences to get his revenge by tickling and teasing helpless Lance, and makes Lance lick, sniff and worship his feet.

Now that Cameron has turned the tables on Lance, who was teasing him hard earlier for having such an uncontrollable foot fetish, Cameron wants to seal the deal and make Lance a true foot pervert by making him cum with only his toes.

Cam lubes up his foot and goes to work on Lance, still handcuffed and naked, until Lance is begging him for more. Cameron takes his time, teasing Lance for loving feet now. He even stops to make Lance crawl across the floor in front of him on his knees to humiliate him.

After Lance cums all over himself, and Cameron’s foot, Cameron leaves him in his mess.

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Rating: 4.1/5.0

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