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Superman Tricked by a Thief

Clark Kent (Cameron Kincade) is busy at work when his super hearing picks up an alarm going off in the distance. He rushes to find a burglar stealing jewelry. (Lance Hart) The Thief pleads with Superman, telling him he knows about a stash of kryptonite that Lex Luther is hiding. Superman makes the thief lead him to the stash, when the thief locks the door behind him and suddenly looks too confident…

The room he lead Superman to was designed by Lex Luther, and emits a red radiation that negates the yellow radiation from our Sun, making Superman a regular man. The thief is confident in his own strength and wants to show the man of steel what’s it’s like to fight like a “real man.”

They grapple and fight. The thief is much stronger in this room. He overpowers Superman and humiliates him, bashing and squeezing his nuts. He makes Superman put on chastity and panties, and then takes pictures of him sucking his cock before he completely pulverizes Superman’s balls.

Later on, the thief is hanging on in his evil lair, talking on the phone with Lex Luther. Lex has traded him some new drugs which make him super strong for the humiliating pics of Superman sucking his dick. When Superman shows up to take him to jail, the thief just laughs and kicks him in the balls.

“I’m really impressed you even still have balls after everything I did you earlier… Your healing power is amazing. I’m going to steal that too…”

The drugs that Lex gave the thief work well, making him super strong, but the side effects make him uncontrollably horny. He’s been fucking everything in site. On top of that, anyone who eats his cum also gets uncontrollably horny. So he fucks Superman’s mouth until he cums, which makes Superman so horny he has to jerk off. Then the Thief steals his cum to send to Lex to make new drugs that will give the thief those amazing healing powers as well.

20 Photos, 41 min of video


Rating: 4.8/5.0

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