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Superman Submits

Superman is still locked in kryptonite chastity by the evil Dr Kincade. He has been called back to the evil doctor’s warehouse. Superman demands to be released, but the Doctor has power over him, and just laughs, and smacks him in the nuts.

The two grapple a bit. Superman is very surprised at the evil doctor’s strength (who had earlier made a serum from the super sperm he had milked from Superman in the previous clip…)

The evil Doctor toys with the man of steel, while in Chastity, then releases him from chastity, but continues to break his balls. Superman fights back, and loses his cape in the process, so the Doctor humiliates him further and eventually drags him away by his balls…

The evil Dr Kincade has gained power over Superman through a serum he made with his cum, and Superman’s powers are weakened by his recent exposure to kryptonite… now the evil Doctor is dragging Superman into a cell in his dungeon by his balls.

He throws the man of steel to the ground, leaves him in the cell, and later returns with more kryptonite. Dr Kincade taunts the broken Superman with the kryptonite, then drops it in his pants and laughs while it burns and hurts the man of steel’s balls…

Eventually, and after much resistance, Dr Kincade breaks Superman, making him say that he will be the evil doctor’s sex slave. Dr Kincade brings him a drink that he made from his own semen, and when Superman drinks it he gets incredibly horny and can’t stop playing with his hard cock.

Dr Kincade helps him with a handjob, milking his cum out on a dish, then makes him strip, and leaves him the the cell after threatening to stomp his balls a little more. He tells Superman that he must put the chastity cage back on, then leaves him on his knees, for a month…

15 Photos, 27 min of video


Rating: 4.2/5.0

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