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Superman Recaptured

Clark Kent receives an anonymous phone call tipping him off to a ring of sex slavers, and rushes to investigate. When he arrives, he finds Evil Doctor X’s assistant. They fight, and Superman brushes off all attacks from the villain, until he is tricked into opening a box with a kryptonite chain inside…

Superman is made to strip out of his Clark Kent attire, down to his super suit. They want to abuse the man of steel.

Doctor X and his assistant planned to lure him back all along. They put him through their ring of experiments with their newly invented super aphrodisiacs and abuse him while he can’t help but get turned on.

After a lot of abuse, humiliation and teasing, they drag him off to another room for further torment…

Doctor X has his assistant chain the weakened Superman to a wall in their evil lair. The intend to make him talk. They want the location of the Justice League head quarters.

Superman won’t talk at first. They bust his balls, beat him all over, even threaten to crush his balls for good… (which the Assistant is more than eager to take care of) Finally Doctor X knows what will break him…

They give him the most powerful aphrodisiac ever made. In fact, one of the main ingredients is the cum that they previously collected from Superman himself… They make him drink it, and soon he is nothing but a slut begging to cum.

The assistant is ordered to stroke his cock and bring him right to the edge. After much edging, Superman breaks, and whispers the secret location to Doctor X. They allow him to finish himself off in front of them as they collect his cum (and make him taste it.)

Then Doctor X has the assistant strap a harness to Superman’s cock and balls. It has remote explosives interlaced in it’s leather. If he tampers with it in any way, his balls are gone forever. They release him and mock him as he hobbles away carrying his Clark Kent clothes in hand like a whore.

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Rating: 5.0/5.0

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