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Superman Gets Ballbusted

Superman walks in on the evil Dr Kincade, and tells him the gig is up. Dr Kincade knees Superman in the balls, which at first does nothing to the man of steel, but then the evil Dr pulls a very small piece of kryptonyte out of his box. It’s not enough to take Superman completely out, but it is enough to make his balls vulnerable…

The two struggle and grapple, but in the end the evil doctor gets the upper hand by continuously giving Superman low blows (stomps, squeezes, grabs, knees…)

Dr Kincade has plans for Superman, but what will they be…

The evil Dr Kincade has trapped Superman with the help of some kryptonite and dirty ballbusting...

He puts Superman in a kryptonyte laced cock ring. His plan is to milk his super sperm out. Superman resists, only to be tormented with more knees to his balls (and squeezes and pulls)

Eventually the evil Dr wins and milks out his cum, then puts Superman in a kryptonite locked chastity device...

to be continued...

Date Added: February 3, 2018


10 Photos, 24 min of video


Rating: 4.5/5.0

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