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Superman Escapes Emasculation

Dr X’s evil assistant is in a warehouse calling Superman back in. They have been keeping Superman’s cock and balls locked in a kryptonite chastity device, which not only weakens his powers, but humiliates him and takes away his manhood. It’s time for his routine milking, which they do to use his super cum for evil science experiments…

When Superman arrives, he stumbles in, weak and humiliated. The assistant is full of glee, and ready to humiliate and violate Superman in any way he pleases. As he gropes Superman after some taunting, he gets aroused. He informs Superman that he has been using a serum developed from his kryptonian cum that make him more powerful than ever, and he could easily defeat the weakened man of steel now.

Superman challenges him. After the chastity device is removed, he tries to take on the assistant but the assistant easily fights him off and starts to abuse his balls. He makes Superman worship his feet slowly, then he goes to get “something extra special…”

He returns with a bright yellow liquid. It’s basically liquid kryptonite, which he pours all over Superman, and even rubs it in his balls. Superman screams in pain, and as the assistant leaves him in anguish, he rips off his Super suit and throws it on the floor to get some of the burning liquid off his skin…

The evil assistant returns to Superman to find him naked. “What happened to your Superset? This won’t due! I’ll have to give you a new costume!”

The villain hands Superman a pair of red thong panties and makes him wear them. Then he roughly paints a black “S” on his chest and laughs. He gropes Superman’s balls through the thong and then puts him on his knees and makes him worship his cock through his trousers. This get the assistant so excited he decides to fuck Superman in the ass.

He shows Superman his cock first, bragging about how it’s bigger. When Superman begs him not to do it, he grabs Superman’s balls and squeezes until the Man of Steel begs him to fuck him in the ass. First he fingers his ass, then he bends the humiliated and weak Superman over a barrel and fucks his ass. Superman moans and screams in humiliation and pain while the assistant laughs and moans in enjoyment. Superman’s ass is so nice, the assistant can’t stop himself from cumming, so he puts Superman on his knees and blows a huge load in his face.

Superman is chained up and the evil assistant is on the phone with Dr X. “Yes! You should have seen him moan like a bitch when I fucked him!” He laughs, then gets new orders. It seems that Lex Luther is willing to buy Superman from them for 2 Billion Dollars, if they castrate him first. He will be used by Lex Luther as a sex slave and violated forever.

The assistant is a little sad that he will be losing his favorite toy, but has to follow orders, so he informs Superman that is will time be time to lose his balls for good, as soon as he blows one last load for their experiments.

Superman cries to himself, and does everything he can not to cum while the Assistant teases his sensitive cock and blue balls (from months of kryptonite chastity). The assistant gets a vibrator and sticks it down Superman’s new thong. When Superman somehow holds out from cumming, the assistant gets frustrated and takes him down so he can shoves something in his ass for make him cum.

He gets Superman on his back with his legs in the air and fucks his ass with a dildo while he milks him on his own face. “You’re going to cum eventually. Don’t fight it anymore. I know part of you wants to lose your balls and be Lex Luther’s bitch…”

Eventually Superman can’t hold out any more with his prostate getting banged and cock strokes at the same time. He cums on his own face and the assistant laughs. He collects some of the cum and leaves to get a special ball removing device.

While the assistant is gone, a random henchman starts cleaning up the messy warehouse from all their fucking. The henchman feels bad for Superman, all week and about to lose his balls. He gropes Superman on the ground. Superman begs him for help. He agrees, but only if Superman agrees to take out his bosses. He gives Superman something to counteract all the kryptonite, and helps him up.

When the assistant returns with his ball removing device, Superman surprises him in his Super suit and takes him down. He pins the assistant against the wall and knees him in the balls many times, then halls him away to jail.

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Rating: 4.7/5.0

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