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Superman Double Teamed

[This clip picks up after “Superman Escapes” and goes with that story line]

Lex Luther (played by Alex Adams) is in his evil lair as Superman catches him. Lex is upset that Superman thwarted another one of his plans. As the man of steel begins to apprehend Lex, Lex unveils his surprise…

The evil Assistant from “Superman Escapes” (played by Lance Hart) appears. A lot has changed. The Assistant is wearing a scanty costume. Lex has found a way to give him super powers which rival Superman’s…

The Assistant is eager to toy with Superman again. Superman is clearly a bit emotionally scarred from their last encounter… After the Assistant and Superman test each other’s strength, Lex proposes a sensible challenge.

They each kick each other in the balls, taking turns. The first one to drop to his knees loses. If the Assistant loses, they will surrender and go to prison. If Superman loses, they get to do whatever they want with him…

After some ballbusting, Superman ends up locked back in kryptonite chastity. Lex reveals that the secret to the Assistant’s powers involve Superman’s cum, so they can’t let him cum without them collecting it.

Clark Kent is at his desk after escaping from Lex and his evil Assistant. He is still locked in kryptonite chastity, and searching online for Lex’s hide out. He must find the key to his locked cock…

Clark located their hide out. He sneaks in, searching for the key when he is ambushed by the Assistant and Lex. It was a trap. Now that Superman is locked in Kryptonite Chastity, even mortal Lex can hurt him. Lex and the Assistant abuse him. They humiliate him and his strangely tiny penis. They plan to milk all of the cum from him, then destroy his balls for good.

With an evil elixir concocted by Lex’s team of scientists, they make Superman ragefuly horny. They get him begging to cum. They actually make him cum in his super briefs just from stomping his balls. Then the milk him again on the lab table while fucking his ass with dildo. After they get every last drop from his drained balls, Lex gleefully pounds away at his balls with his fists to destroy them for good as the Assistant laughs.

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Rating: 4.7/5.0

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