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Spiderman Get’s Mind Fucked Part 1

The scene starts with Spiderman struggling to fight the powerful Evil Draven Navarro. Draven is super strong and easily lifts Spidey and throws him down onto his magic crate.

Once on the magic crate which has had centuries of spells cast through it, Spiderman cannot move his body. Draven starts the process of taking control of his mind while he gropes Spidey like the evil pervert that he is.

He tells Spidey that he’s going to love to suck cock. At first Spidey is grossed out, but with a snap of Draven’s magic fingers Spiderman is eager to open his mouth and lick and suck on the villain’s big swinging dick. Draven snaps him in and out of the spell to laugh at Spiderman’s humiliation, suddenly realizing he has a cock in his mouth.

Spiderman starts to get desperate. He yells for help. Just then a police officer, Pierce Paris shows up on the scene. Spiderman is so bewildered it takes him a minute to realize that Officer Paris isn’t wearing pants and is obviously also under Draven’s mind control.

Officer Pierce is still aware that he is a police officer, but because of the spell he doesn’t see anything wrong with Draven shoving his cock down Spidey’s throat. When Draven asks for some police assistance, Officer Pierce dutifully also shoves his huge cock in Spidey’s mouth.

Draven continues to snap Spidey in and out of the spell to laugh at his humiliation. Finally he asks Officer Pierce if he wouldn’t mind sucking Spiderman’s dick. With a snap of his fingers, Draven commands Spiderman to cum, and he does. Then Draven snaps him out of the spell to realize that he just came in a cop’s mouth.

To be continued…

12 Photos, 13 min of video


Rating: 5.0/5.0

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