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Ruckus is a Sketchy Therapist Part 1

Christian Wilde has been seeing Dr Ruckus for therapy for a while. Christian mentions that he’s still having the occasional lapses in memory but overall his relationship with his wife is going well and things are going ok in general.

Ruckus interrupts him and says “City Bus” which causes Christian to aggressively play with his cock over his pants. Christian doesn’t seem to realize he’s playing with his cock, and mutters to himself how weird it is that his doctor keeps saying “city bus.”

Ruckus claps his hands hard which causes Christian to zonk into a trance. “In our last session, I implanted the trigger word, City Bus, which now causes you to play with your cock. Maybe you are ready for the next phase of your therapy…”

He commands Christian to pull his pants down which reveal that he’s been wearing thigh high fishnets and man panties the whole time. This was also implanted by Ruckus. He fondles and worships Christians bulge, then snaps his fingers. Christian comes to and squirms a bit. “Oh Doctor… I don’t know what to say… I’m having another hallucination and this one is crazy. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable but in my hallucination your about to suck my dick…. It feels so real…”

Ruckus keeps composure while kissing Christian’s cock, completely gas lighting him into believing this isn’t really happening.

He gets Christian to describe how good it feels and calls that a break through. Christian rambles on and on about how crazy the hallucination is while Ruckus sucks his big cock. Ruckus gets sick of the rambling and snaps again to zonk Christian out again.

Ruckus grabs a long chain and holds it over Christian’s entranced body. He swings it back and forth. “Focus on the chain. Remember out last session. Remember telling me the things you wanted to do to me. How you wanted to fuck me…”

He gets naked and gets Christian naked, then worships his naked body and creeps on his armpits and nipples. He snaps again.

“Uh… Doc… it’s happening again. But now we’re both naked in your office except I’m wearing fishnets…”

“City Bus”

“Why do you keep saying that?” Christian strokes his cock and is puzzled.

Ruckus says “Chicken Sandwich” which causes Christian to hump the air and say “I’m gonna fuck your ass!”

Ruckus claps Christian in and out of it while manipulating him into fucking his ass. He gets Christian balls deep inside him, snaps him back just to fuck with him some more.

After Christian loses control and cums in his ass, Ruckus claps and tells him he has another patient to see. Christian is a bit bewildered and leasts his office in a hurry, wearing only the fishnets and his sneakers.

To be continued…

18 Photos, 22 min of video


Rating: 4.8/5.0

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