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Nightwing VS Robin

Robin swings into a sewer setting. He’s been chasing someone all night, and is pondering who could give him so much trouble. Nightwing sneaks up behind him and clubs him with a baton. He picks up Robin and puts him on a bench to grope him. As Robin regains his senses, he realizes that he has been chasing Nightwing all night. No wonder he was so hard to catch. He was the previous Boy Wonder, also trained by Batman. Robin is scared. He knows Nightwing is better trained and has more experience than him. As Nightwing gropes him and rants about his issues with Batman (alluding to sexual things Batman made him do before abandoning him) Robin tries to talk sense into him. Nightwing isn’t listening to any reason. He clearly lured Robin into the sewer to have his way with him, and get some kind of sick revenge on Batman.

Nightwing tears Robin’s tights open to expose his balls, and squeezes them. Then he stands over Robin and makes him worship his feet while stepping on his balls. Nightwing gets aroused and shoves Robin’s face against his boner over the spandex suit. He makes him sniff and worship his hard cock. First over the costume, then he peels his spandex down to make Robin suck his cock.

Nightwing cums in Robin’s mouth, then orders Robin to spit the cum on his own cock. Robin is rock hard, dribbling pre-cum as Nightwing still stands over him, smacking him in the mouth with his boner.

He leaves Robin in the sewer, bewildered with torn tights and cum all over his costume.

10 min of video


Rating: 4.6/5.0

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