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Nightshade Defeats Superman

Superman has tracked down the villain Night Shade (played by Christian Wilde). Night Shade is clearly not scared of the man of steel. He has trained his dark powers to block the sun specifically from Superman for a long period of time, blocking the man of steel from recharging his Kryptonian powers.

Superman still tries to take him down, but quickly finds out he is no match. After one punch to the stomach, Superman doubles over. He tries to bear hug Night Shade, and squeezes him hard for a little, but Night Shade is able to grapple him into a head lock…

Superman awakens and finds himself in a Houdini box, suspended from the ceiling, with his hands chained. If he still had his super strength he could easily break free. Now without them, his is stuck.

Night Shade tells Superman that he has been collaborating with EVERYONE on this. Other villains and even the Justice League wanted this to happen. As it turns out, even Superman’s friends are sick of him having all the power, and they are waiting in line to humiliate him.

“You think Wonder Woman will save you? Ha! She told me she wants to sit on your face… Batman is looking forward to fucking your ass…”

Superman is rage-full at this insult and betrayal. He struggles, but can’t break free. Night Shade grabs him by the balls and squeezes hard. He wants Superman to beg to be humiliated. “Beg for my cock!” When Superman refuses, Night Shade pulls out Superman’s cock and balls and yanks him around by the balls, nearly ripping them off. He slaps Superman’s cock, punches him in the stomach, and really goes to town with the ball squeezing…

The man of Steel breaks. He begs for Night Shade’s cock. Night Shade makes him try to stroke it with his bound hand and laughs at him, then jerks him self off until he blows his load all over Superman. “You are gonna be one cum covered super hero when we are done with you…

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