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New Arrangement

Lance is very dominant with her girlfriend. He treats her like a little slut, and their mutual friend, Cameron is making a move to take her from him. So they made a plan...

Lance’s girlfriend tells him that she wants to tie him up for a change. Lance thinks it’s cute, and goes for it. But she ties him up, blindfolds him, and leaves him, for Cameron...

Cameron starts to play with his cock, then takes off the blindfold and Lance is shocked that it’s his friend Cameron, and not his girlfriend. Cameron explains to Lance that his girlfriend is no longer his, she will be Cameron’s now, but they will use him when they want for their bitch...

Lance is mad, but tied up, and can’t do anything while Cameron shoves his foot in his face, encourages him to worship it, plays with his cock, edges him, tickles him...

He will break Lance... Lance is still bound to the bed, getting tickled, encouraged to lick and suck on Cameron’s foot while Cameron mocks him for losing his girlfriend to him. After a lot of teasing, Lance doesn’t care who is stroking his cock, he needs release. He begs Cameron to finish him, but Cameron keeps getting him to the edge, stopping and tickling him.

Eventually Cameron milks his load out, but doesn’t stop stroking. Lance begs him to stop, because his cock is really sensitive now. Cameron won’t stop until Lance submits, and says out loud that he will now be the bitch of his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend...

Date Added: July 2, 2018


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Rating: 5.0/5.0

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