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Humiliated by Ruckus and Draven

Ruckus and Draven Navarro are playing video games when you walk in. They barely look at you and talk about you. “I thought we got rid of him… Didn’t we send him to the bath house with a roll of nickels to get fucked by a bunch of grimy dudes…”

Ruckus puts down the video game controller and grabs a leather chastity belt. They tell you to put it on. They lock you up and Ruckus throws the key into another room. They pick up their controllers. They take off their shirts to make you more uncomfortable in the constraining chastity device.

Ruckus grabs another device made of steel. It’s got spikes is is made for crushing and destroying balls, slowly. They talk about using it on you for fun.

They talk about making you wash their cum rags and clean the bathroom with a toothbrush in your mouth. Draven wants to make you wear a maid outfit while you do it. Of course you have to keep the chastity device on.

The guys they had over last night that all fucked you ass are probably waking up soon. They talk about possibly chaining you to the toilet at a truck stop bathroom for truckers to use. Maybe then you can earn some money…

You just got back from the truck stop they sent you off to. “How much money did you make for us, getting fucked in the ass?”

They found your chastity keys, but you can’t have them yet. Draven pulls his big dick out and starts to play with it in front of you. He makes you smell it.

Ruckus unlocks you. They want you to jerk off for them. They humiliate you for having such a small dick while you jerk off. When you start to pre-cum they make you stop.

Ruckus grabs a spiked cock ring. It’s way to big for your tiny dick, but he fits it around your cock and balls at the same time. It fit’s perfect. If you get any harder, the spikes with dig in and impale your cock and balls.

Draven makes you finger your ass with the spiked device still on you. They talk about shoving bigger things up your ass and make you stroke the head of your cock. The spikes are really digging in now.

They don’t let you cum. They send you back to the truck stop to get fucked for money some more.

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Rating: 3.5/5.0

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