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Humiliated by Muscle Studs

Draven Navarro and Ricky Larkin are hanging on the sofa in their underwear. Ricky points at you and says to Draven, “Hey bro, you see this ugly motherfucker over here on the floor?”

They make it clear that you will never get to hook up with them. They will give you humiliating instructions of embarrassing stuff for you to do to amuse them.

“I think we should give this motherfucker some homework…. I want you to go to truck stop and suck 10 dirty cocks. You eat all that cum, and maybe we’ll be nicer to you…”

Draven wants you to eat his ass. Ricky tells you to stop jerking off every time it looks like you’re about to cum. They talk about how their dicks are way bigger, and they are way stronger.

Draven let’s you know that while you’re sucking strange dicks at a truck stop, it’s likely that everyone just fucks your ass too. “You might cry a little, they’re probably going to get rough.”

Draven shows you his perfect asshole. “You will NEVER get this ass.”

“Hey I got an idea, let’s make this loser get fucked by our fuck machine…”

Draven Navarro and Ricky Larkin are back. They brought out your “New babysitter,” their fuck machine.

They make you edge yourself over and over. You’re balls ache and you would do anything to cum. But first you have to let this machine pound your ass until they are satisfied.

They make you slap yourself in the nuts just when you are about to cum. You’re so sensitive now, and in a trance of lust.

Ricky makes you sniff his dirty smelly socks while you edge yourself. He peels off his smelly socks and makes you worship his sweaty bare feet. You might get to cum eventually.

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Rating: 4.2/5.0

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