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Evil Alex Adams VS Superman

Evil Alex Adams has Superman bound by kryptonite rope with his legs spread below him.

“What are you going to do with me?” - Superman

“Whatever I want…” - Alex Adams

Alex pulls Superman’s boots off, telling him he will be keeping them as a trophy, then proceeds to play with his socked feet. As her creeps on Superman’s feet, Alex quickly realizes just how ticklish the man of steel is…

He tickles him through his socks, then bare feet. Even the sensation of Alex’s tongue between Superman’s toes drives him crazy. As Superman struggles more, Alex puts his foot on Superman’s balls to keep him still.

After Alex is satisfied, he stands over Superman, plotting his next move while the man of steel whimpers beneath him.

Evil Alex Adams just tickled the fuck out of Superman while he was bound in kryptonite rope beneath him. Now, he makes the man of steel worship his smelly villain feet. First with socks on, then bare foot.

Evil Alex puts on foot on Superman’s balls to encourage him to worship harder. Then he places a chair on top of him, sits over him, and smothers Superman with his stinky big feet…

Evil Alex Adams wants to play with the cock of Superman. “You’ll never get me to cum, you villain!” Superman Protests…

Alex lubes up Superman’s cock and gets to work stroking, while shoving his big feet in his face. The man of steel’s protests grow weaker as he gets closer to cumming. He wants release, but he doesn’t want to give in to villainy. Not like this.

Evil Alex enjoys tormenting Superman. Getting right to the edge of cumming, knowing that Superman secretly wants to blow his load, then stopping and tickling his feet to ruin it.

After a foot job and lots of hand job stroking, he finally lets him blow his load, but doesn’t untie him. He has plans…

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Rating: 4.3/5.0

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