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Dr Navarro VS Super Larkin

Dr Draven Navarro is an evil scientist. He’s been defeated many times by his ultimate nemesis, Super Larkin. But now, he’s about to get back on his feet. He’s developed a computer chip that gives him complete remote control of anyone he wants. He’s some how implanted his foe with it.

The evil Dr is in his kitchen on the phone with an evil conglomerate, trying to convince them to invest money in his plan. He just needs to prove his work. He turns on his kitchen cameras and starts to test his evil work on his foe, Super Larkin.

Of course, the best way to test his complete control is to show this super hero on his knees, sucking his cock. He makes Super Larkin suck his cock, then eat his ass, then he cums in the hero’s mouth and gets it on all video to prove his work.

Now that Dr Draven Navarro has showed complete control over his nemesis, Super Larkin, by cumming in his mouth, he needs to run further tests. Dr Navarro is an evil scientist, so by nature, he pushes it.

He turns off the chip that controls Super Larkin’s mind, mostly to see his foe’s embarrassment, but immediately Super Larkin grabs him by the throat. Dr Larkin quickly turns the chip back on and rethinks things.

He remembers the line of code that he put in the chip which makes Super Larkin weak when tickled, and even weaker when aroused. He wants to rub his control and dominance in his foe’s face, so he deactivates the control of just he top half of Super Larkin’s body. They grapple, but quickly Dr Navarro tickles Super Larkin and gains the upper hand.

The villain toys with the hero with tickling and edging. He gets him right the brink of cumming with his hand and mouth. Eventually the hero admits that he doesn’t even want to be free, he just wants to cum. This is a huge victory for Dr Navarro. He sucks the cum out of his cock, but ruins the orgasm by reactivating the chip so the hero cannot even enjoy it.

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Rating: 4.9/5.0

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