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Dr Mason's RapeBot Goes Haywire

Dr Mason returns to Ricky Larkin, his newest robot. Ricky is still standing in the shop with a full hard on, just as Dr Mason left him. Dr Mason powers him on. He just has to run through his directives to make sure he’s ready to ship.

He asks the robot what his first directive is and the robot responds reciting his terminator directive.

He then asks for his second directive and the robot responds reciting his directive to hold down and fuck anyone he is assigned to fuck in the ass.

Then something goes haywire and Ricky goes into terminator mode, grabbing Dr Mason by the throat. Dr Mason is getting chocked out and just barely shuts him off in time.

“Holy shit… Something is clearly wrong with your code. I wonder why you went into your first directive and not your second one though…”

Ricky powers himself back on and recites his second directive, while slamming Dr Mason against a wall and pulling down his pants. Dr Mason screams, but no one can help him. He cannot over power his creation. All he can do is just bare through getting brutally fucked in the ass until the robot’s cycle is complete.

Date Added: May 11, 2019


10 Photos, 10 min of video


Rating: 3.0/5.0

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