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Dr Mason Tests RapeBot's Cum Function

Dr Mason Lear is working on his newest muscle robot. He makes sexy muscular terminator robots for villains, and generally is displeased with his own career. Most of the villains these days want their terminator bots to be sexy with big functioning dicks that cum.

“I’m a fucking scientist… why am I making dicks?”

He is very pleased with his newest creation though. He has Ricky Larkin, the new robot, flex for him and show off his perfect body. He feels his big perfect muscles, then licks his nipples to make sure they have sensitivity.

He tells the robot to get erect, and immediately Ricky’s big cock gets fully hard in his camo thong.

“Well that works…”

Dr Mason has to make sure the robot can cum, or his boss will be displeased. He sucks his cock, then orders the robot to cum, which he does, filling the doctor’s mouth.

With a mouth full of cum still dripping, Dr Mason stands up and knows this part of the project is complete.

To be continued…

Date Added: May 1, 2019


7 Photos, 9 min of video


Rating: 4.1/5.0

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