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Captive Superman

An evil henchman wakes up Superman with a slap to the face, then proceeds to untie him, while telling him how much he enjoys tormenting the man of steel.

“I’m untying you for my pleasure, not yours…”

The henchman pulls Superman’s briefs up, gives him a huge wedgie, then steps on his balls, taunting him more. Superman challenges the henchman to a fair fight. Since Superman has been getting milked so frequently, he is only as powerful as a normal man at this point.

The henchman accepts his challenge, they fight, and the henchman ends up on top, gripping Superman’s balls and punching them until Superman is barely conscious. He throws Superman over his shoulders to take him to another room for more fun…

The henchman carries Superman into a new room and sets him down. He abuses Superman’s balls, and pulls down his briefs to ram a dildo in his ass. While he violates Superman’s ass, he squeezes and pulls on his balls, threatening to cut them off.

“Beg me to keep you pathetic balls!” the Henchman commands Superman.

After a lot of violation and abuse, he shoves a handful of ice down Superman’s briefs then grips his balls and squeezes.

“I’ll make you a deal, Superman. If you can get me off before I get you off, I might let you go…”

Superman reluctantly grabs the henchman’s boner and strokes it desperately while getting stroked and abused at the same time. He loses, cumming all over himself in shame, so the henchman steps on his sensitive balls and tells him to suck his cock.

After cumming all over Superman’s face, the henchman is feeling to confident. Superman quickly uppercuts him in the balls and makes for an escape.

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Rating: 4.6/5.0

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