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Batman Vs The Gogo Boys

Batman is looking for Robin. He’s been captured. Lance and Tristan, the notorious GoGo Boys show up.

They flaunt the fact that they’ve captured Robin and he’s currently getting tea bagged back at their GoGo hide out. They tease Batman with their sweet dance moves, but he isn’t having any of it. He strikes both of them, knocking them down.

Lance quickly grabs Batman by the balls and squeezes. Tristan joins in, air-humping while Lance crushes the Dark Knight’s nuts. It doesn’t take long for the sneaky GoGo dancers to completely subdue Batman.

“Hey, I got an idea! Let’s hook his cock up to our new milking machine! We’ll completely drain all the cum from his balls! He’ll be useless, and we’ll sell his Bat Cum and run this city!”

The GoGo Boys have Batman strapped into their automatic cock milking device. “Oh he’s probably gonna love this at first… but after he blows his load three or four times this is really gonna hurt!”

Lance and Tristan celebrate their victory over Batman by dancing and grinding all over him while he cums over and over. He tries to hold back, because after he cums each time he gets more and more sensitive. They just turn the machine up and keep teasing him.

“After we drain his balls completely, lets sell his ass to some villains!”

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Rating: 3.8/5.0

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