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Bad Gym Teacher

Alex Adams is a tough gym teacher, who happens to be fucking the Principle’s wife. Lance Hart is a seemingly concerned parent, who confronts Alex about bullying the fat students in his class. When Alex tries to blow him off, Lance threatens to show the Principle pictures of Alex fucking his wife...

Alex has no choice but to do whatever Lance wants, so Lance grabs him by the balls and tells him he has to spend some time in his dungeon...

Lance binds Alex spread eagle with his hands behind his back. He rips off Alex’s tank top, then turns his attention to Alex’s feet. He smells his Chucks, pulls them off, then starts to tickle Alex through his white sock with a comb.

Lance proceeds to torment Alex with tickling over socks and bare feet. He spits on Alex’s bare foot and really goes to town, driving Alex crazy.

He gets behind Alex, tickles the fuck out of his pits, then pulls his cock and balls out of his gym shorts so he can tease his cock in between tickling.

When Lance get’s to Alex’s right foot with the sneaker still on he says, “It may seem like we are half way through here, but believe me, you have a long way to go...”

He digs into Alex’s toes with his tongue and nibbles, driving Alex nuts. Now it’s time for some edging...

Lance lubes up Alex’s cock and jerks it fast and hard. He brings Alex to the edge of cumming over and over, only to deny him and tickle the fuck out of him until his cock goes down. The Lance brings it right back up...

Lance unties one of Alex’s hands so he can jerk his own cock, but only if he keeps his mouth and nose on Lance’s bare foot, worshiping it while he desperately tries to empty his blue balls.

Lance finally gets Alex off with a rough foot job while standing over him, making Alex cum on his own ripped abs. Lance rubs his toes in the cum, then leaves Alex bound.

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Rating: 4.0/5.0

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