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Models / Cameron Kincade

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Cameron Kincade Updates

Ballbusting in the Streets
Cameron Kincade, Jake
Jake is the enforcer of a gang, and Cameron is suspected of steeling from his own crew, so Jake chases Cam down in the street, slams him against a wall and punishes his balls with hard kicks and knees, berating Cameron the whole time. Jake walks off leaving Cameron moaning on the ground after crushing...

Tags: Ballbusting, Domination, Dress Shoes, Muscle

Another Buiness Men Foot Fest
Cameron Kincade, Lance Hart
Cameron and Lance meet in the break room at work again. It has been a little while since they were alone at work. The tension has risen, and they both know what they need... They get right to work licking and sucking on each other’s feet. Stripping each other’s shoes and socks off, while their...

Tags: Bare Feet, Business Men, Cum on Feet, Cumshot

Superman Humiliation and Revenge
Cameron Kincade, Lance Hart
Superman finds Lance Hart in his evil lair. Lance had previously duped the man of steel and nearly destroyed his balls, but now Superman is back to take Lance in for justice. Lance seems overly confident… Sebastian Keys shows up with a kryptonite collar. The two villains easily overpower Superman,...

Tags: Anal, Ball Squeezing, Ballbusting, Blowjob

JT and Cam Wrestle
Cameron Kincade, JT
Cameron Kincade has another dude in the grappling room at Man Up. JT wrestled for four years in high school, and has a significant weight advantage on Cameron. When Cameron tells JT that he thinks he can easily beat him, JT thinks he is being ridiculous. He doesn’t know how quick Cameron is, and how...

Tags: Ball Squeezing, Bare Feet, Underwear, Wrestling

State Champ VS Ball Grabber
Brody, Cameron Kincade
Behind the scenes: We were getting ready to shoot some wrestling clips, and as most of you know, Cameron has wrestled quite a bit for Man Up. He is fast and has a ton of endurance, but I was looking at Brody who has a significant size advantage... I asked Brody if he had any experience wrestling, and...

Tags: Ballbusting, Underwear, Wrestling

Clark Kent Exposed by Dr X
Cameron Kincade, Jessie Colter
Clark Kent is investigating a suspicious Doctor X and his experiments, when he falls into a trap. The Doctor’s assistant gives Clark a drink laced with a chemical that renders Krytonians week in every area but their sexual organs… The two villains strip Clark and find out that they were right…...

Tags: Ball Squeezing, Ballbusting, Blowjob, CBT

Where's The Bag
Cameron Kincade, Van
Joey, played by Cameron Kincade, has his old co-worker tied up. Van has been acused of disappearing with a bag that was very important to the mob. Joey has been charged with getting to the bottom of it. He starts to scare Van with some teased kicks and stomps, coming close to his balls, then he gets...

Tags: Ball Squeezing, Ballbusting, Bare Feet, Bondage

Superman Submits
Cameron Kincade, Lance Hart
Superman is still locked in kryptonite chastity by the evil Dr Kincade. He has been called back to the evil doctor’s warehouse. Superman demands to be released, but the Doctor has power over him, and just laughs, and smacks him in the nuts. The two grapple a bit. Superman is very surprised at...

Tags: Ball Squeezing, Ballbusting, Bound Orgasm, CBT