Hey guys!

Thank you so much for subscribing! Many of you have followed my work here from my Clips4sale studio "Man Up," and have requested that I hurry to get all the content from that studio to this membership site. I've been putting those old clips up at the rate of about 1 per day for a while now. I'm starting to really scratch the bottom of the barrel for that content... There's probably 80-100 archive clips left to put up here, but to be honest they are not the greatest porno clips in my opinion. Either the video quality is poor, or the model/models in the clip were mediocre at fetish stuff... Also many of those clips are so old that they were filmed in SD. Plus, it's honestly weird for me to keep throwing up updates with me in them when I was 8 years younger. I've gained about 30 lbs of muscle since then and I have grey hair coming in now. I'm a different kinda porno dude now :)

So I'm asking you. Do you want me to keep putting those clips up? On the upside, why not? It's extra stuff to look at. On the downside, it would really crowd the pages with some mediocre porn and make getting to the good stuff harder... Please email me at let me know what you want.

With the revenue the way it is now from this site and clips4sale together, I can afford to do about 2 new shoots per month. Each shoot merits about 4 updates to this site so that's 8 total new updates per month here. As the revenue increases, of course I'll put the money back in the site and update more frequently, or do more expensive shoots with multiple guys...

I can also do some solo updates, but I'm not sure that's what you guys are into. Let me know if there's something you'd want to see me do solo from time to time. I'm happy to do it.


- Lance Hart

PS I've gotten many comments on you guys wanting more HYPN0 stuff. I love shooting it! The only problem is, I can't call it "HYPN0" because my merchant processor won't allow it. So look to the "Swinging Watch" category for that :)

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