New Site... WTF Happened?



Good question! I can't get into the gritty details, but unfortunately I abruptly needed to start a new LLC and start over. Sometimes business partners just can't agree on stuff. Maybe you've gone through something similar. I hope not. Anyway, this means new servers, sites, computers... lots of stuff. Sounds like drama, I know. It is drama. It happens I guess.

The good news is, this is a great opportunity to relaunch all my sites! I own all my domains and all the content that you'll see on this site 100% by myself. There may be some content that you liked and got from either the old sites or my clips4sale stores that you won't find here... I can't post stuff that other old business parters could claim partial rights to on this site. Most of my best stuff was all mine anyway, so I don't think you'll be missing too much.

I've made a few other changes. I'm out of the business of selling other peoples' porn. My network will now only be the porn that I personally produce. I'm probably still going to link to my friends' productions and showcase their good work on some of my other network sites, but as far as my "work" goes, my only job now is to get paid to star in other people's porn, or produce my own. Trying to earn a small share of the porn other people make by hosting and processing it was just too much for a simple pervert like me to handle. I guess I just bit off more than I could chew... I learned a lot, and that's cool.

Hopefully everyone likes this new membership model. It seems like you get a lot more for your money this way. Also, I went with some proven "out of the box" porn site solutions instead of developing everything on my own this time. That means everything should function smoothly for you here. No broken links. No confusing purchase emails. Easy customer support. I think you'll dig it.

You may be wondering about how many videos will be included in this membership. I'm working hard to upload and update 1000's of video clips and all the pictures that I can. Each update on this site takes me about 15-20 minutes. Multiply that by a couple thousand, and that's a butt-ton of hours! If you want to see something specific here that you know I produced, please email me and I'll try to make it a priority. Hopefully it's one of the many vids that I own all the rights to. Most likely it is.

Expect to see hotter content than ever here. Expect to see higher production value. Now that I've streamlined my life and workload, I'm dedicated to making the best porno I can. I'm finally in a place in life where I can focus on this craft. I have hotter friends than ever. I life out west now, which means there's tons of hot talent all around me. I'm more than eager to provide you with some sexy new scenes, regularly.

This transition is a bear to take on for me. Especially since I'm completely a one man business now. It's also been insanely expensive. I have high hopes though. Basically, as long as enough of you join this site, I'll be able to produce better porn than ever and deliver it to you here in a smoother way than ever before.

Thanks for coming to this site. Thanks for your business and your support. I couldn't make these movies without you.

If you are reading this and wondering why you can't yet get a membership, it's because the new merchant processor has not yet approved this site. This should be complete in a few days. I'm working with great banks on this, and they will make this all work soon.


Lance Hart

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